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16 Inch English Alphabet Birthday Party Decoration Aluminum Balloon

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Name: 16-inch old letters A~Z
Specification: about 30-40cm
Material: high quality aluminum foil

1: The material is aluminum film, the sphere has metallic luster, the color is uniform, and the sphere is beautiful
2: It can be used repeatedly in normal operation without damage, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. You can throw it away without using it once!
3: After the inflation is completed, pinch the ball mouth flat, the glue that comes with the ball mouth will automatically seal!

This ball is automatically sealed, and it will be automatically sealed after the air is blown. The ball is relatively small and can only be filled with air. It cannot fly with hydrogen or helium.

About product introduction
Balloon inflation: Our aluminum film balls are self-sealing, easy to inflate and easy to seal. The balloon can be used repeatedly. After inflating, pinch the position of the inflator to automatically seal; hit the balloon to 9 minutes full. It is not easy to blast during production.

Aluminum foil balloons are printed matter. The number of balloons in each package is the number of machines and occasionally there will be 1 or 2 errors, and there may be a damage rate of about 3%.

Special attention: due to lighting and display angles and even personal preference reasons, the received balloons and online picture display may have a slight deviation, which is normal.

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16 Inch English Alphabet Birthday Party Decoration Aluminum Balloon