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Head Massager

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Product description

1: 6 massage techniques, simulating hand grasping and kneading touch design, 84 independent dots bottoming out to imitate 6 massage techniques (opening, closing, pushing, pulling, kneading, grasping)
2: Food-grade silicone massage head, resistance to pulling and oxidation, better toughness;
3: 4 kinds of strong and weak alternate modes are selectable, the strength is balanced and delicate---forward gentle gripping, forward fast gripping, reverse gentle gripping, reverse fast gripping;
4: Squelch movement design, low noise <50 decibels, low power consumption, high power;

Product Information:

 1" Swing left and right / 101321

Product material: ABS+ silicone

Working mode: strong and weak two gears, 4 massage heads, 22 massage points

LED light; assists nighttime use

Packing list: English neutral color box / pearl cotton + host + USB charging cable + English neutral manual


1: 4 gripping silicone heads, which can be scrubbed and set with LED lights;

2: Two levels of strength, to meet the needs of different grasping strength

3: Swing left and right, grab head massage;

2" Rotary Model - Wet and Dry / 101220
Product power supply: DC5V 1.0A Working environment: 5℃-40℃

Working mode: 4 kinds of strong and weak massage modes

Massage grips: 4, massage points 21

LED battery indicator (displayed when the battery is almost empty or charging)

USB charging base, Type C interface Inductive charging of body and base

Note that the charging base is not waterproof, please be sure to dry the body of the massager when charging;

1: 6 major massage techniques, hand grasping and kneading touch design, 84 independent dots touch the bottom to imitate 6 massage techniques (open, close, push, pull, knead, grasp)

2: Food grade silicone massage head, anti-pull, anti-oxidation, toughness;

3: 4 kinds of alternate modes of strength and weakness are optional, the force is balanced and delicate --- forward gently grasping, forward rapid grasping, reverse gentle rubbing and grasping, reverse rapid rubbing and grasping;

4: Squelch movement design, low noise < 50 decibels, low power consumption, high power;

3" Ordinary Rotation/101280
Working mode: Press the switch to default to forward slow massage. Press the second time for a positive fast massage

Press the third time for reverse fast massage, and press the fourth time for reverse slow massage;

D claw massage, 19 silicone massage points (7 points in the middle are higher than 12 points on the edge, arc massage), shallow mouth design, long hair people don't have to worry about twisting long hair;

Note: This product is noisy during use


1: Human kneading, relax the brain, relieve headache;

2: Hand-held body, ABS silicone massage head (each massage head extends 2cm contact), easy to carry, waterproof for life, wet and dry; 

Packing List:

Tiandi cover white box/host + Chinese and English manual + USB charging cable + charging base


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Head Massager