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Sensor Humpback Correction Belt

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Smart Sensor Orthosis Humpback Correction Belt Of Adult Children Sitting Back Invisible Posture Hunchback Corrector Reminder

* Intelligent posture correction: the detector will vibrate to remind you when you are slouching. Let you maintain a natural upright posture. To get excellent posture and hunchback correction
*Compact and concealable: Designed to be compact and lightweight, it can be easily hidden under your clothes. You can wear it at work, school, home or when you are out playing sports
*Within reach: The center back switch is well positioned and can be easily turned on by children and adults alike
*Counting function: record the number of wrong posture every day, less and less wrong number every day, it means the hunchback becomes better and better, more effective to observe the child's improvement
* scientific correction: develop body memory, 2 hours a day for 3 weeks to change bad habits straight back is important, when you have a hunchback arc more than 25 ° orthodontic device will remind you through the vibration of the way to lift your chest

Color: black, gray
Material: ABS+PC+ high-strength elastic nylon belt
Battery specification: 400mA/3.7V
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Charging current: 500mA
Charging voltage: DC5V
Function: Spine correction, anti-kyphosis, correct sitting posture

Package Content
1*correction belt+1*USB cable

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Sensor Humpback Correction Belt